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Salman Khan — Brave New Words

Saturday, October 05, 2024, 04:00pm

Education Technology Pioneer


Brave New Words: How AI Will Revolutionize Education (and Why That’s a Good Thing)

“Sal Khan’s vision and energy for how technology could fundamentally transform education is contagious. He’s a true pioneer in integrating technology and learning.” – Bill Gates

“Salman Khan challenges us to reimagine the future of education in an AI-driven era... Not only insightful but also inspiring, demonstrating the enormous potential of technology to empower both learners and educators.” – Arne Duncan, former U.S. Secretary of Education

The visionary behind educational nonprofit Khan Academy, Salman Khan seeks to remove the barriers to education that leave over 600 million children lacking basic math and reading skills. His free, world-class curriculum – available to anyone, anywhere – has made a massive impact, with its videos reaching over a billion views. Now, Khan is using the power of AI to make education even more accessible. With the introduction of the revolutionary Khanmigo, he’s giving every student around the world an AI-powered personal tutor that The Washington Post calls “the best model we have for how to develop and implement AI for the public good.” Author of the new book Brave New Words, Khan offers a uniquely prescient and practical look into how we can use AI to enhance HI: “human intelligence, human potential and human purpose.”

Saturday, October 05, 2024

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