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The Pop Don’t Stop With Carly Rae Jepsen

11 November 2022
  • Written by
    Haaris Ahmed
  • Photographed by
    A. Arthur Fisher
Carly Rae Jepsen photo
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Hailing from the great white north Carly Rae Jepsen brought her brand of pop maximalism to the Arlington Theater on October 20th. Much has changed for this pop star since her early days of internet fame.

The evening was full of coordinated dance numbers, sing-alongs, a talking moon and of course a barrage of confetti. The production was at max with the set constantly shifting in perfect sync with pop music blasting for a diverse crowd of people of all ages.

It has been a solid 10 years since her "Call Me Maybe" days (which she did pretty early in the set) and she has grown into a seasoned pop veteran rather than burning out as a one hit wonder.

Jepsen is to be commended for playing over 20 songs while traversing flights of stairs, stepping into dance numbers and engaging the crowd- no easy feat. At no point did she look tired, not even during her slower, acoustic numbers. The energy was set to MAX & there was very little time spent in between songs. She never slowed down and the crowd was feeding off this smorgasbord of pop extravagance.

The Arlington show was extra special for Jepsen as her latest album, The Loneliest Time, was to be released the next day. The album's name is a direct reflection of the time spent crafting this record during the pandemic, which for many of us was, in fact, the loneliest time. To Jepsen's credit there was not one person who felt left out or unseen at any point during the show. Crowd participation was at an all time high. People were singing along to every song, every word, and there was dancing from the stage all the way to the last row of the balcony.
Undoubtedly, much tik tok content was shot.

The Arlington was pushed to its pop limits and as the cliché goes "you had to be there” to fully understand the spectacle of fun which was the ‘So Nice Tour?’

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