Photographed by: A. Arthur Fisher
John Lodge.
These guys are old!

Before you tell me that that was rude... I have to tell you I am a HUGE fan of the Moody Blues - you have no idea! (Thank you Felicia.) Although a "late bloomer" to their music (I just got into them in 1999), they are one of the most listened to bands in my music collection. And they are right up there and sometimes "above" favorite bands such as YES, Pink Floyd, Genesis (old Genesis - before Peter Gabriel left) etc... you know the music I am talking about.

But they are old! That being said - WHO CARES how old they are!? What? You say apparently I do or I would not have brought it up? AF090330-0031I only brought that up to make a good point. They delivered! And then some! They exceeded my expectations so much so that this whole review may sound like it was written by a giddy high school teenager. That is how well they performed.

I had come into this concert remembering a DVD I rented containing a live performance by them. I think it was recorded in the mid to late 90s. They sounded pretty bad. You know how when you have been listening

Justin Hayward
Justin Hayward
over and over to a band's music for years on the radio and on CDs where the recording is just perfect and then you hear them live and you are totally disappointed!?

Yup, I was very disappointed and later had a few opportunities to see them live but refused because I didn't think the show would be worth spending my money on. The moral of that story is to not be too hasty to judge based on one bad sounding DVD! And to be truthful very few bands, as they age, are this good. YES comes to mind as being one such band that has aged well.

So Monday, March 30 the Moody Blues performed at the Arlington Theater. Playing such songs as "Lovely to see you",AF090330-0175 "Tuesday Afternoon", "Back to School", "Ride my Seesaw", "The Story in your eyes", "The other side of life", and many others. Every song sounded, felt, and looked like we were "On The Threshold of a Dream". (Did you like how I did that? I used one of their album titles to describe my experience of the show.) Anyway, I AF090330-0193don't think anyone in the practically sold out show went away disappointed. I'd bet most were surprised at just how great sounding they were.

The three members of the band, Vocalist/Lead Guitarist Justin Hayward, Bass/Vocalist John Lodge, and Drummer Graeme Edge were joined on stage by 4 backup musicians. Including a second drum kit, a flautist and two keyboardists. behind them was a psychedelic light show and video screen that visually sort of traced the band's history.

Graeme Edge
Graeme Edge

After a 20 minute break the band came back and sand huge hits, "I'm Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band", "Your Wildest Dreams", "Isn't Life Strange" and of course "Nights in White Satin". A perfect finish to a wonderful show. If you ever get a chance to see them please do! You'll be happy you did.

The Arlington is a perfect venue to see The Moody Blues. The acoustics were great, the visuals were fun, and it wasn't so large that you lose the band in the venue. From the looks and sounds of everyone leaving the theater it's safe to say everyone had a great time.

Justin Hayward

Thanks guys for being old and giving a performance of a lifetime! Santa Barbara is fortunate to have bands such as the Moody Blues perform at our very own Arlington.

By the way I'm not a giddy teenager... I am 48.


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