Arlington Haunted Halloween

We throw a big Halloween party every year but this year it's bigger than ever and it's at one of the wildest places in Southern California. We're coming through with some of our favorite artists for a lineup stacked from beginning to end. All this is going down on October 31st in Santa Barbara, CA.  Music starts at 6:00PM. 18+ to Enter 21+ to Drink

Perfomances by:

Ekali is one of our closest friends. We've done so many shows together from tiny dive bars to secret parties, to sweaty warehouses, to massive festivals. It's been a crazy journey but one thing is for sure: Ekali at B&L just hits different. Very excited to have him back with us on Halloween night.

We've been friends with Wax Motif for years but we haven't been able to secure him on a big B&L party till now. Wax joins us at B&L Haunted Halloween for a very rare B2B beat slayer from the underworld Drezo.

We met JSTJR in 2015. Back then, he was a relatively unknown yet talented producer with big aspirations. Since then we've done 10 shows with him. He's one of the hardest working ppl we know, whether it's cooking 500+ free tacos for fans or creating a sweat-inducing, booty-shaking world around his music with a mission to bring global bass to the masses. Stoked to have JSTJR at B&L Haunted Halloween.

Noodles is one of our fav DJs period. Besides handling music duties for Kehlani, she's also throwing her own events, supporting her community, repping for her background, and making ppl sweat on the dance floor for years. Proud to call Noodles a friend and to have her at B&L Haunted Halloween.

Montell2099 is a very talented New Zealand artist who we've been fans of forever. After years of marveling at his spellbinding music online, we finally brought him to America in 2016. Since then he's played a number of big events with us including a show w/ Madeon and even our EDC 2019 takeover.

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