Gabriel Iglesias: He's Not Fat, He's Just Fluffy

Photographed by: A. Arthur Fisher
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To kick off his most recent world tour, comedian Gabriel "Gabby or Fluffy" Iglesias sold out two shows at the Arlington Theater Feb. 22 and 23.

Iglesias is perhaps best-known for his "I'm Not Fat ... I'm Fluffy" shows around the world, which were released as a DVD by Comedy Central in 2009. He has been a popular voice actor who can be heard on TV's "Family Guy," as well as the movie "Planes."

However, the stout comic spent a great deal of his time on stage talking about losing 105 pounds after he learned he has type 2 diabetes.

"The doctor said I wouldn't live two years," Iglesias dead panned. He said he decided to lose more than 100 pounds so that he has eight years to live. It was not apparent if he was joking.

While Iglesias sent much of his stand up talking about his weight, his family and a reunion with his father he hadn't seen on 30 years, the crowd took the seriousness of these topics in stride and enjoyed his vast collection of voices, dialects, sound effects and hilarious slices of life.

The mixed ethnicity crowd included some children who seemed to enjoy the show as much as the adults.

Iglesias has a way of cutting to the heart of the matter when he talks about his health problems. He told of going in to a clinic for a gastric bypass where the sign on the door said "Center for the Morbidly Obese."

While that might not sound funny to some people, Iglesias used his collection of funny voices to mimic the receptionist and another patient who sounded something like Jabba the Hut from "Star Wars."

While the setting for his monologue might seem not the least bit funny, it was one of the night's funniest bits. But then, describing his teenage stepson's trouble with taking out the trash and losing his iPhone may not seem all that funny, but Iglesias had the crowd roaring with laughter.

After the moving description of the difficult reunion and reconciliation with his father, Iglesias admitted that his wish to have a photograph taken with his mother and father almost came true, but was not realized because mother died. That was a tough moment.

However, Iglesias told the crowd he didn't want to end the night on a sad note. So, he relied on his tried and true comic bits such as buying some doughnuts, making a wrong turn and getting stopped by a police officer. The crowd almost knew the bit by heart.

It seems unlikely Iglesias will be eating many more doughnuts since he said he is committed to a low-carb, no-sugar diet while using yoga and walking as his physical exercise.


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